01113 Tenergy T-1000 Ultra Fast Dual Use Charger NIMH/NICD

01113 Tenergy T-1000 Ultra Fast Dual Use Charger NIMH/NICD
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Features and Benefits

  • Great deal on a fast charger for both in house and travel charging
  • Recharges 2 or 4 pieces Size AAA, AA Ni-MH & Ni-Cd batteries in 2-3 hours
  • Includes "intelligent" microprocessor controlled charging identifies defective cells and has a safety timer for complete overcharge protection
  • Powered by an external AC adaptor for both indoor use or for in car usage
  • Also recharges inside a car with the included cigarette lighter that you can plug to your 12V car battery
  • Negative Delta V Cut off feature to 100% protect your batteries
  • With mechanical design against wrong polarity and short circuit protection
  • Automatic charge current selection for AA & AAA batteries
  • Red LED indicates charging; green LED indicates charging completed and charger is in "trickle charge" mode
  • Especially designed for rechargeable batteries used in Digital Camera, Handheld PC, PAD, Game Boy and CD
    players and other high drain rate electronic devices.
  • Input voltage: 120V
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